Woven Labels to meet any need

Minnewawa's woven label technology makes the custom label exceptional


Types & Uses

Type: Lanyards, eyeglass accessories, zipper pulls, pocket tabs, bookmarks, tapestries.
Finish: Soft, medium, and heavy acrylic starch
Construction: Woven jacquard in taffeta, satin, or damask 
Application: Promotional


Woven accessories are endless timepieces and manufactured with the same superior quality as our other products. Woven materials provide an extremely soft and lighter weight alternative for those memorable occasions. A very innovative approach to marketing.


There are many advantages in using a Minnewawa woven label. Here are several.

  • Timeless keepsakes
  • In-house support for accessory developments
  • Great for team and corporate recognition 

Minnewawa told me that they could make any woven label and boy were they right! I’ve been using them for my woven label needs now for a few years and have nothing but compliments for them
— Danny B

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