Custom Ribbon

Customizable ribbons for any occasion. 


Types & Uses

Type: Custom Ribbon 
Uses: Decorative, mattress pulls, gift wrapping, hair bows, accessories
Construction: Woven jacquard in satin or damask
Finish: Soft, medium, and heavy acrylic starch
Application: Free-hand, sew-in, adhesive-backed


Art is transformed into unique weave designs to produce endless runs of custom ribbon.  Only the finest  yarns are used to maintain color and clarity throughout the project life.  All ribbon finishes are selected to enhance pliability for the intended creative use.  


There are many advantages in using  Minnewawa for your woven ribbon. Here are several.

  • Exquisite detail

  • Plain ribbon colors offer a great foundation for embroidery

  • Up to 8 colors in a repeat

  • Widths as small as 3/8” up to 4”

We used Minnewawa to produce ribbons for breast cancer awareness. The ribbons were perfect. The ribbons truly added an extra special touch to our event. Great company.
— Ashley M.

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